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bfarm white list for antigen rapid self-test kit


Specialized medical supplies for Anti-epidemic
Top 10 manufacturers,suppliers,distributors and exporters


We have exported more than 3 billion masks.Including 3ply medical mask,KN95 FFP2 civil PPE mask and children kids mask.


Especially Infrared thermometer,been exported to around 200 buyers all around the world since the epidemic.


Medical and PPE gloves.Vinyle and nitrile gloves.Orgin from Intco,Bluesail,Hongray and Titans brand.

Medical Protective product

SMS or PP Surgical gown,coverall protective clothes,shoe cover and protective hat.Millions exported to EU and the USA already.

Test Kit

We have exported many brands to EU already.Including newest Antigen test kit,antibody kit and nucleic acid kit.


Especially Finger clip oximeters for consumer or medical use.Variety brands and high production output to boost your market.


ICU multifuntions Ventilators and kits,CPAP/BIPAP/APAP are on hot sale.All with CE or FDA.


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Experience & trust built for 10 years

Top 10 medical product distributorsexporters and manufactuers in main China.

Arcpeaks Medical is the global leader in Medical industry. We are always working as bridge for Chinese high tech medical products to high end medical clients.Our goal is to make a safer world for all people.



Elite clients include wholesaler,distributer,dealer,brand agents.


Already exported 4352 kinds of medical products.


Deeply cooperated excellent manufacturers.


Help out hospitals and other medical institutions.

Best Medical Or PPE Products Suppliers China Available Brand

We at Arcpeaks Medical innovate our products to offer world-class medical services along with long-lasting applications. Arcpeaks Medical brings one of the best anti-epidemic medical supplies since it has very high demand in the medical market. There are tons of companies with quality-grade medical supplies and products, but they come with high price tags. Our vision to the road of quality medical or ppe products suppliers china available brand isn’t far away since we materialize our products far better than others. Our product solutions also involve Anti Covid-19 epidemic supplies china solutions along with China one-stop anti covid purchase solutions and over hundreds of long time clients have shown their appreciation of our services. We innovate our products using market-leading technological improvements and providing the best advantages to our buyers with no extra cost in the process. 

We at Arcpeaks Medical have always shifted our focus to the primary needs of our customers and bringing quick medical solutions for them. Our company has almost all kinds of medical products like masks, test kits, various ranges of vaccines, thermometers, Gloves, all types of medical protective products, ventilators, oximeters, and premium disinfection products. All of these products are industrial verified and meet all the requirements for proper applications in the medical fields. We depend only on the best raw material sources to keep our manufacturing product output quality high. And it has helped us to become a reliable as well as a trusted medical partner for tons of buyers. 

Arcpeaks Medical also brings different kinds of medical protection products like ANDX splash protection face shield with CE FDA, Hoho medical isolation surgical gown, Huashengjinshuang HS Nature medical coverall protective clothes, Meiyimed disposable medical isolation gown, Surgsci medical coverall isolation gown protective clothing, Tecbod medical protective hat hood flat cap and other products. Prior innovation in medical supplies remains strong with particular industrial demands and Arcpeaks Medical is always ahead of the competition.