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Triplex medical protective shoe cover

Hunan Triplex Precision Medical Devices Co.,Ltd.

ISO13485 passed

Output:0.5million pcs pur day

This hat is with CE certificate confirmed by chinese government department:




Arcpeaks Medical Brings the Best Quality of Disposable Medical Shoe Covers

Our vision for protective medical products doesn’t range just up to Disposable medical shoe cover or premium grade whole body covers. We commercialize our products in the best possible way with class-leading quality and long-lasting performance. Arcpeaks Company is also a potent supplier for shoe cover disposable price at lowest in the china market with no compromise in performance at all. Our production lines are maintained at best to be able to deliver any extent of products at any time. Aside, our manufacturing units are technologically designed to handle workloads better without any reduction in the quality of products, at all.

We at Arcpeaks Medical maintain our product line with different kinds of medical protection products like ANDX splash protection face shield with CE FDA, Hoho medical isolation surgical gown, Huashengjinshuang HS Nature medical coverall protective clothes, Meiyimed disposable medical isolation gown, Surgsci medical coverall isolation gown protective clothing, Tecbod medical protective hat hood flat cap, Triplex medical protective shoe cover, Winner Reinforced Spunlace Surgical Gown, X&Y disposable surgical clothing and premium grade Disposable medical shoe cover. Our manufacturing units are equipped with quality testing labs that judge every parameter of the products before they are released into the market. Our production methodologies are verified and follow the prior efficiency standards of quality Disposable medical shoe cover products without hiking cost price at all. We employ highly experienced product professionals to take care of production material and manufacturing costs and bring it to the low line.

We also provide different kinds of gloves like Hongray vinyl/nitrile blend gloves(nitrile compound material), Intco medical vinyl examination gloves, Titanfine nitrile examination gloves along medical protective covers. If you are looking for high-quality covers but want to stay in the range of low shoe cover disposable price, we have your back. Our product line has enough low-cost shoe covers that aren’t just low-priced and cost-effective but also provide quality application and performance.