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Sansure Slan 96P Real Time PCR System

Sansure Biotech Inc.

ISO13485 passed

Output:1k pcs pur day

This test kit system is with CE certificate confirmed by chinese government department:



SLAN-96P’s dual 48/48 reaction blocks are controlled separately,like two independent instrument.With SLAN-96P, two different assays can be tested simultaneously on a single instrument or a new assay can be started while another is running.

product performance

Advanced fluorescence detection system-reliable, sensitive and calibration-free The unique side-capture signal collection technology enhances fluorescence capture efficiency and eliminates signal noise, offering better detection sensitivity and smooth amplification curves;
The improved optical system decreases instrument background ensuring better reproducibility;
Long-lasting high-intensity LEDs which are reliable and maintenance-free;
Negligible optical background resulting in no background calibration being required;
Innovative optical light-path design eliminating edge effect and giving uniform fluorescence intensity for each tube,No ROX reference calibration is required;
Instrument hardware calculates gain automatically during running.No gain setting is required;
Professional optical filter combinations eliminate crosstalk between FAM,HEX,ROX,and CY5 channels.NO crosstalk calibration needed.

Much faster-generates accurate results in less than 50 minutes
Basded upon the original SLAN system,the latest SLAN-96P has improved upon its thermal design with a super-fast heating/cooling rate of up to 4.5℃/S.

Professional multiplex detection channels-true 6plex real-time PCR
SLAN-96P’s 6 sets of excitation and emission filter combinations ensure 6-color multiplexing real-time reading capacity;you will enjoy a high flexibility in the choice of fluorescence dyes and detection format.

Ideal approach to your HRM study-accurate,sensitive,no need for complicated temperature shift calibration
Fast fluorescence detection mode completes gene scanning in 30mins;
Advanced hardware design and software algorithms generate and precise date without the need for temperature shift calibration.


Outstanding design of hardware and software to ensure the repeatability and accuracy of amplification data
Correlation coefficient: -0.999 ~ -1.000
Repeatability: CV<0.5%
Sensitivity: detection of single copy
Linear range: 1-1010
High reliability: easy to distinguish the concentration difference between 1000 and 2000.
The experimental data can be derived from a variety of formats, convenient access to the LIMS system.