Buy 1 receive 2 Home use 1L-7L oxygen Concentrator wholesale

Special offer-Buy 1,receive 2
Oxygen concentration 30%-90%(±3%) adjustable
Display control HD LCD touch screen
Rated voltage AC220 ± 22V ( or 110V)
Control distance 18 meters infrared remote control
Net weight 7.0kg
Operating noise≤45dB(A)
Oxygen generation method Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
Size 380 x 270 x 380mm
Inhalation method Ear hanging oxygen, Nose suction (earhook oxygen inhaler, nasal cannula)
Oxygen output 1L-7L  adjustable
Max Oxygen flow rate 7L/min
Input power 220VA (Can be OEM)
Negative ion function The use of high-frequency negative ion transmitter


Standard  and Certificate:

CE,EN 55014,EN 61000;FCC


Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 42 cm

Elainz Heart


Manual,headset,oxygen tube,remote controller


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