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Byond Hifres high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy HFNC device HF8


Hunan Beyond Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

ISO13485  and ISO 19223:2019, 3.4.19 passed

Output:5,000 pcs pur month

This ventilator is with CE certificate confirmed by chinese government department:


Applicable department :

Respiratory medicine, ICU, Emergency room, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Ppaediatrics (≥3 kg), Rehabilitation ward, Geriatric ward, etc.

Clinical application:

1、Acute patients with mild to moderate respiratory failure in ICU or emergency room【 Improve dyspnea, rise oxygenation, reduce intubation rate, and intubation mortality is significantly lower than non-invasive ventilation and standard oxygen therapy】

2、Endotracheal intubation【Improve oxygenation index, delay onset of hypoxemia】

3、Oxygen therapy after invasive withdrawal【High tolerability and comfort, reducing the rate of reintubation】

4、Acute heart failure and cardiogenic pulmonary edema【Improve dyspnea, especially refractory dyspnea】

5、Postoperative care,to mitigate the risk of respiratory failure【Replace non-invasive ventilator to achieve higher comfort】

6、Chronic airway disease【Improve the upper airway status of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea】

Dual color hypnotic lamp :Blue in normal state, and red in alarming status.Convenient to check the status of equipment from a distance.

Multiple alarms:As many as 12 alarms to ensure that use errors are detected in real time and keep thetreatment process safe and effective.

History record query:It can record the temperature, flow rate and oxygen concentration for passed 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or 30 days, which is convenient to check the treatment data quickly .

SD memory card:8G large capacity memory card can store all kinds of data of patients in treatment, providing more referable detailed data for further treatment.

Precise oxygen concentration control and monitoring:

The oxygen concentration setting range is 21% to 100%.Ultra-sensitive oxygen concentration sensor and miniature proportional valve can accurately control the oxygen concentration to ensure that the mixed gas can meet any oxygen concentration requirements of patients. At the same time, the oxygen concentration can be monitored in real time to ensure that the oxygen concentration is accurate and effective.

Precise flow control and monitoring:

Flow setting range: 2L / min ~ 80L / min, the imported flow sensor can ensure the accuracy of high-flow gas, and at the same time monitor the gas flow in real time to ensure the effective treatment of patients.

Precise temperature control and monitoring:

Temperature control:31℃ ~ 37℃, 7 levels adjustable. Applying high-sensitivity sensor and innovative intelligent dynamic control algorithm,which can accurately control the inhalation temperature of the patient end, and monitor it real-timely to ensure that the heating and humidification are safe and effective. The humidity can reach 100% to meet the needs of more patients.

Blood oxygen saturation real-time detection:

Optional blood oxygen module:The blood oxygen module can monitor the patient’s blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate in real time, providing more treatment information for patients and medical staff.