Aurora A3 2d usg full digital ultrasound scanner machine system

Aurora A3 is an advanced full-digital ultrasound technology system, with unique and perfect design .The system brings high-definition images and at the same time greatly enhance the lightweight characteristics.It provides totally new operation and clinical diagnostic experience to sonographer in daily working . Aurora A3 is equipped with multiple transducers, comprehensive functions and high mobility,which makes it applicable to different body scans and clinic application.


  • 12-inch LED display.
  • Smoother workflow.
  • Built-in 60GB SSD for more reliable data storage.
  • Built-in lithium battery for 2 hours of active operation.
  • User-friendly control interface with backlit silicone keys to make the operations more convenient.

Advanced performance:

  • Ultra-wideband beamformer.
  • Automatic image optimization(AIO).
  • Trapezoid imaging , Compound imaging.
  • Application:Abdomen , OB&GYN , Urology, Blood vessel , Small Organ , Pediatric , Musculoskeletal , Basic Cardiac.
  • Speckle noise rejection technology:Select different options on depending on the different characteristice of different tissues , speckle and noise reduction can improve the imaging quality.