anti-infection HEPA negative&positive pressure mobile modular isolation ward


  • Easy to install,in 10 minutes;Easy to fold,store and transport.
  • Mobile,various applications,can be set up and used anywhere,in any case.
  • HEPA high efficient filtration.
  • Multi-function,different pressure and temperature control,virus filtration,freshair ventilation,emergency power supply control.
  • Complete isoltaion,negative positive pressure all optional,fit for all kinds isolate patients and critically ill patients.
  • Modular design,can put in 1 bed and other medical equipment easily;Multi wards combine to emergency critical isolation hospital or field hospital.
  • Safe and reliable,with emergency backup battery, anti mis-opertion function,reminder of replacement compnent.
  • With 82 patents.


Folded size(cm) 83*85*127
Unfolded size Internal(cm) 250*250*217
Temperature(℃) 20-27
Fresh air volume(m³/h) ≥150
Ventilation frequency(times/h) ≥12
Filtration rate ≥99.99%
Power supply AC 220V/50Hz
Power Air preasure system≤200W
Air preasure system+cooling mode≤1300W
Air preasure system+healing mode≤2300W